Sunday, January 14, 2007

Pan's Labyrinth

Caught Pan's labyrinth today...Pretty good show and very touching especially the ending. For those of you wondering what is it about, well here goes.

Pan's Labyrinth was set in the time when Eurpoe was in the second world war and Spain was still under the control of a pro-Nazi government. IT tells a tale about a young girl, who is actually a fairy princess that passed away in the human world and was reborned to be a young girl who had a mother and a stepfather who is a captain leading an expedition flush out spanish rebels against the Nazi government.
There the girl found the labyrinth where she met the faun Pan who revealed her true identity and gave her three tasks to perform in order for her to return to the fairy world...

Ok i shall stop here and let u catch the rest of the show for yourself.Oh by the way, the stepfather is a proud bastard, sorry about the language..but that is who he is. I say that the show truly gets 4 and half stars out of five

Signing off now... till next time